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What is Isekai Wiki for?

The original intention of our site is to provide some useful materials and settings for novel authors as reference. We will collect and share some original contents and fantasy worlds.

What will we include?

  • Original or authorized contents.
  • Overhead world, independent world, sub world contents.
  • Some inherent materials that are difficult to find directly or easily on the Internet, and that are helpful to the creation of lite novels. (eg: Utopia of Mythology of the Last Days)
  • Some public materials that are more helpful to the creation of light novels (e.g.: 3000 magic details of various departments in the magic world)
  • Legitimate content that does not violate regulations

What will we refuse to include?

  • Realistic content
  • Content that is not necessary to be included (e.g.: a search online can easily find hundreds of versions of the content, if necessary, please use external links)
  • Any inappropriate content (R-18, anti-government, anti-social, reactionary, and other content that violates laws, regulations, and related regulations)